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Trip Ellington

My name is Trip Ellington and I’m an independent author. I first jumped into the self-publishing scene in late 2011 and in that time I’ve written six novels and dozens of short stories and novellas primarily spanning the genres of science fiction and fantasy.

I’m probably best known for writing the EverMage series, but you should definitely check out Gauntlet of Time, Game Alive, and Outbreak if you enjoy science fiction or fantasy. While you’re at it, you can get Game Alive for FREE if you join my newsletter.

Science Fiction

Michael J. Sullivan

Michael J. Sullivan is an American writer of epic fantasy and science fiction, best known for his debut series, The Riyria Revelations, which has been translated into fourteen languages.

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G.L. Tomas

G.L. Tomas is a USA Today bestselling twin writing duo and lover of all things blerdy, fearless and fun. When they’re not spending their time crafting swoon-worthy heroes, they’re battling alien forces in other worlds but occasionally take days off in search mom and pop spots that make amazing pasteles and tostones fried to perfection.

They host salsa lessons and book boyfriend auditions in their secret headquarters located in Connecticut.

Action & Adventure
Science Fiction

Joshua C. Chadd

Joshua is a Jesus Freak and follower of the Way. As an adventurous nerd, he loves the outdoors and when he’s not found high in the mountains of Alaska, he can be observed living on the rolling plains of eastern Montana with his wife, guns and two katanas. He has a passion for all things imaginary and finds inspiration in the wilderness, away from all the distractions of life. Some of his other passions include hunting, shooting, board and video games, hard rock, movies, reading and the Walking Dead.

If you’d like to get a free prequel to my award-winning Brother’s Creed series, sign up for my newsletter here:

Paranormal Romance
Time Travel Romance

Christine Church

In 2014, Christine Church completely “revamped” one of her old novels and emailed it to an agent she had met at a local writer’s conference. A month later, she received a reply from the agent saying she loved the book, loved the writing, and she said, “oh my goodness, you are talented!”  But, she also stated the market “is over-saturated.” That was when Church chose to self-publish. The book, Beyond Every Mirror, is based on a short story Church penned when she was 15 years old and the novel is getting wonderful reviews (and spent over a week in the Kindle Top 100 paid sales in Romance Fantasy). The second book in the series, Beyond a Veiled Reflection, which came out in August 2018 is thus far receiving grand reviews. Book Three, Beyond Broken Glass, came out Feb 28th 2019.

She is also the best selling, award-winning author of the Fate of the True Vampires series.

C A A Allen

C. A. A. Allen lives in San Diego with his wife and six children. He is a freelance writer, local hip-hop mogul, and fantasy e-book author. He writes for many online entities, and has been published in the San Diego Reader, and CityBeat magazines. He has provided backup vocals and performed as a “Humpty Dancer” for the multi-platinum hip-hop group Digital Underground. When he isn’t writing or spending time with his children, Mr. Allen enjoys horse racing, sports, and several different genres of music.

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