144 Practical Discussions for Parents & Preteens Based on The Giant Forest

by Bill & Mia Belew
Welcome to the Growing Up Aimi world.Every parent wants to and should have deeper and more meaningful discussions with their preteens, middle graders and teenagers.How can this happen?144 Discussions That Every Parent Should Have with Their Middle Graders and Teenagers is meant to facilitate unforced conversations between parents and their children - preteen and teenagers.144 Questions works best when accompanied with the Middle Grade adventure novel - The Giant Forest. But it can also work as a stand alone volume of own.When a parent read together - not necessarily sitting next to one another - but on the same schedule, the story of The Giant Forest becomes a common interest between the parent, grandparent and child/ren.Enjoy better communication between in your family.
Deal Available through September 30, 2020
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