Action and Adventure

A Dawn Before the Storm (Dragonshadowed Book 1)

by C. A. Bathgate
A warrior priestess returns home from self-imposed exile. She must confront unrelenting evil in a realm trembling beneath great dragon clans. The rising darkness threatens to corrupt her passion into a curse, and consume everyone she loves. The corpses stood, draped in scraps of rag and rusted armor. Jade green fire flickered from eye sockets, nose slits and toothy maws. “Bow or join my servants in undeath!” “I will free you if I may, but will not bow!” declared Tamsin. The skeletal mob raised weapons and surged forward. The leading undead swung its sword down in a mighty cleaving stroke. She whirled her skirtblades to deflect the power of the blow and stepped to the side. Slashes from multiple blades glittered across the corpse, lifting green sparks from its body, driving it back. Cold ghoul fire flared. A roaring wave of green and black flame engulfed the priestess. Her world caught fire.
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