A Song of Sea and Flame: A Chronicle of the First Magic

by Ryan Carriere
"Readers of both Tolkien and Rick Riordan would find this book very entertaining!" — Reedsy DiscoveryTWO MISFITS. ONE MISSION. A RACE TO FIND A POWERFUL RUNE.The golden age of the gods is over. It's been a millennium since the gods fought and drove themselves to extinction. Now only their runes remain, promising great power to those brave enough to seek them out.As whispers of war echo across the empire of Atlantis, fate follows the footsteps of two misfits: an orphan boy on a dangerous quest and a merchant's daughter pressed into service to be trained as a Rune Hunter.In a land brimming with ancient magic and legendary creatures, nothing is easy, and nothing is what it seems. But one thing is clear: something ancient and evil beckons them.Set in a brand-new, Atlantis-inspired world, and packed with delicious world-building, hilarious, banter-filled shenanigans, and epic battles, A Song of Sea and Flame begins a coming of age saga from bestselling author Ryan Carriere.
Deal Available through November 10, 2022
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