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After Dinner Conversation - Philosophy | Ethics Short Story Magazine

by Anthology - Seven Authors
Enjoy seven compelling (fiction) philosophy | ethics short stories. Comes with suggested discussions questions. Perfect for a sole reading or with a book club! 1. PREY: A young adult with a secret must attend 15 hours of counseling before the government will allow him to commit suicide. 2. A WOLF ON THE BUS: A wolf rides the bus, and is subject to discrimination by riders and police. 3. GUILT-EDGE SECURITY: A traveling salesman at the bar is cleverly pitched a new product by an emerging planet on the rim, "Life." 4. ABRAMA'S END GAME: Abrama learns the gods created her dimension as their play-space to visit, and is forced to fight across realities when she discovers their plan to shut it down. ****AND MORE!***
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