Another Fairy Bastard: Rise of the New Arcana

by Ron Randall
Murder, Mayhem and MagicCollege prepares you for many things, and the Army even more, but neither prepared Dalton Graham for the murder that occurred across the hall, or the fact that he was its intended victim.Assailed and assaulted by inhuman, magic wielding villains who want nothing more than his death--he goes on the run, protected by the mysterious and lethal Umi Nitaku, who is equal parts shy stranger and beautiful angel of death.As they flee from one danger to another, he begins to discover the arcane ability that is his birthright, and the reason why it has entire houses of the Eloim united against him.He will need all his courage and cunning if he is to avoid a violent death and a shallow grave.He will need the truest of friends and powerful magic if wants to be anything more than…Another Fairy BastardIf you like the snarkiness of Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series, the romantic angst and powerful female characters in Kim Harrison's The Hollows, or the resourceful wizard in the action packed Dresden Files by Jim Butcher; then you are sure to love Dalton Graham in Another Fairy Bastard.
Deal Available through December 24, 2020
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