Arcadia: The Complete Collection - 10th Anniversary Edition (A YA Fantasy Series)

by Al Stone
AN UNTOLD PROPHECY, A BROKEN COVENANT AND A FALLEN ANGEL AS AN ALLY. WILL CHARLIE SURVIVE? Arcadia, 10th Anniversary Edition is a complete collection, featuring three full-length novels in a single volume for the first time. A young-adult fantasy series full of magic, mythology and adventure. Perfect for fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Lord of the Rings. Talisman Of El They have always been here ... watching in silence. Now both worlds are about to collide. Charlie Blake has always known he was different. He hears what others don't. He sees what others can't. In his quest for the truth, he discovers he is the physical embodiment of a powerful ruler and finds himself locked in an ancient battle between good and evil that threatens the life of every being on Earth. Blackout Hold your breath. It's contagious. Saving mankind becomes near impossible when Charlie's visions start to invade his reality. He can no longer identify what's real. When he starts exhibiting symptoms of a deadly disease, he faces a race against time to find a cure, but shocking revelations makes him question where his true allegiance lies. Ground Zero Mankind's only hope is not human. Approach with caution. 26,000 years ago, a supernatural apocalypse almost wiped out civilisation. Now that time has come again and no one is destined to survive. Charlie Blake is determined to stop the apocalypse, but fate might not have the same agenda. Is Charlie destined to save the world or destroy it?
Deal Available through May 24, 2022
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