Awakening (The Fortress Book 2)

by Lisa M. James
You will receive no more pardon. You will pay for your crimes against me. Since discovering his gift of visions, Kiatra had little reason to doubt her slave's allegiance to her. Yet, there was something about Isaac that she did not trust. She was certain he was keeping something of importance from her, though this knowledge did nothing to suppress her feelings for the man. When Isaac is accused of murder, Kiatra must decide between her love for him and her duty as Chieftess of the Fortress. After being falsely accused of murder, Isaac is forced to flee the Fortress and return to the people who abandoned him ten years ago. While battling with the new strength of his abilities and fears of facing his past, he struggles to understand the vision that has haunted him for five years. A vision of his death at the hands of his mistress. Would he be able to prove his innocence and save his life, or was his death by the woman he secretly loved inevitable?
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