Beginnings: Shadow Sentinels Prequel

by Karen Tomlinson
A journey starts with a single step...or sometimes a betrayal. All I want is to live my life quietly. You know? Find my place in this crazy world. But as a wolf shifter, I must either become an agent at the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation, or try and fit into human society. Yeah, that's not for me, neither is the SBI. Especially when Connor, the alpha my wolf has claimed as her mate, is their top operative. I grew up with Connor, but he's no longer the boy I knew. Now he's a tough, arrogant and gorgeous man; one who kisses me and rocks my entire world, only to leave me hanging when he disappears completely. The SBI say he’s dead. I say alpha wolf-shifters like him don't die easily. I will discover what happened to Connor. But it turns out his disappearnace is just the beginning...
Deal Available through July 13, 2021
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