Beyond the Gloaming Pass (Equilibria Book 1)

by Rebecca Holmes
Only those who are broken may be remade.Best friends for many years, former blacksmith Rubriel and unlicensed mage Molindra struggle to make ends meet in the bustling gas-lit city of Tunswick. Desperate for a proper education and a new life on the Western Continent, Molindra takes a chance on a reward poster offering a substantial sum of money in exchange for uncovering trade opportunities in the mysterious and ill-rumoured land to the north.Cold, barren and brutally efficient, the Gloaming Mountains conceal a powerful nation, where the sun never rises and the dead watch tirelessly - a nation determined to claim Bantria’s abundant natural resources for themselves. Venturing blindly into the unknown, Rubriel and Molindra soon find themselves swept onto opposite sides of a bitter conflict that spirals rapidly out of control.Separated and pushed to the limits of endurance, their journey will put the bonds of friendship to the ultimate test and challenge their perception of the world to its very core. Will they reunite and save Bantria from the growing threat, or become unwitting agents of its destruction?A gripping fantasy novel that weaves together themes of friendship, resilience, and the search for truth. With its vivid world-building, profound emotional depth, and heart-wrenching conclusion, this book will keep readers enchanted until the very last page.
Deal Available through June 25, 2023
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