Broken Line: A Chronicle of Tala

by Matthais Carr
Every family has secrets, but not every family has a secret that could destroy the world. Warrec is a knight serving in the glorious legions of the Maroveyan Empire, the largest human country in Tala. Now, after nearly ten years, he is returning to his childhood home. A trip he feels duty bound to preform to say goodbye to his estranged father and announce his upcoming marriage. His father, Duncan, is an old warrior that has fallen into depression and alcoholism. That’s when fate steps in laughing at the plans of men. An old enemy, The Dread Lord Argis, appears again attacking Warrec’s home. When the smoke clears, they find it was a simple ruse to steal an ancient artifact. An artifact that Warrec’s family has guarded for thousands of years and could destroy Tala if joined to its second half again.This attack sets off a chain of events that will determine the fate of the world. Duncan begins a quest of atonement for his failure and to prevent Argis from obtaining the other artifact. Warrec finds himself torn between duty to his family and country. His connection to Argis is closer than he could possibly realize and all of Tala hangs in the balance.
Deal Available through December 21, 2023
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