Captured by the Fae (Fate of the Fae Book 1)

by Vera Rivers
I didn’t kill the Fae King of Jasfin.But the truth doesn’t matter. I’ve been kidnapped and charged with murder. How could I possibly overthrow a powerful king when I’m human with no power of my own?When I come face to face with my captor, the new Fae King Rainier, he’s as terrifying as he is mesmerizing. His dark hair, chiseled body, and icy blue eyes draw me in.I have no right to fall for him. He’s the King. He’s Fae. And, he’s engaged to a faerie who wants me dead.Nobody is coming to save me. But maybe I don’t want them to. This is my home now. And this is where my heart lies.When I learn I’m not human, questions about my origin put a new target on my back. I don’t know who I am. I don’t know whom I can trust. All I know is that I must do the right thing, even if it means losing everything.Now that the darkness closes in, I’m left wondering how I got tangled up in this mess.
Deal Available through January 01, 1970
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