Action and Adventure

Challenges of Tawa (The Sky Elders Book 1)

by R.J. Young
Three hundred years is far too short a time for angry gods to make peace with their enemies. Young Tawa is the impetuous son of the tribal chieftain. While out hunting, he encounters a flying monster, but no one believes him when he shares what he has witnessed. The Itiwana tribe soon learn they have more than just a monster to worry about. Ancient powerful Sky Elders have returned after three hundred years, and they’re still angry. The Summer Sky Elders are pursuing their perpetual war with the Winter Sky Elders, and the mortal realm is once more caught in the middle of their titanic struggle. After his father sacrifices himself, Tawa must assume his role as chieftain. Mentored by the shape-shifting Manabazo, Tawa trains to become a leader and a warrior. He must find the sacred Tree of Life and protect his people from the never-ending waves of monsters, witches, and Vikings sent by the Winter Elders to destroy them. If he fails, an endless winter will cover the Earth and all life will cease. Will he be able to find what has been hidden even from the gods themselves?
Deal Available through January 11, 2023
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