Discover: A YA Fantasy Fiction Adventure (The Frosted Realm Series Book 1)

by Stephanie Kline
Best Selling Author, Stephanie Kline brings you her new YA Fantasy Series full of wit, humor, fantastical adventures, and surprises around every castle corner. Between the faces in the ice and the Fae, my life has become something from the pages of a fairy tale... a very dark fairy tale.With my parent's sudden disappearance one year before, my life changed in rapid succession. The eerie echoes of time past play out in my head on repeat. My quirky grandmother and my pop-culture obsessed best friend seem to be the only things that keep me tethered in the present.I've created a routine. Work, home, gaming, sleep. Repeat. I'm comfortable in my self-isolation, staring out the window as the rain pours down, wondering where my mom and dad have gone. But what happens when the world opens up and swallows me whole?What happens when I find myself in a place between worlds, facing a fantastical reality I never knew existed?What happens when, at the very center of that world, a journey that will decide the fate of the faces in the ice, and a place I never knew as home, rests on my shoulders?
Deal Available through September 13, 2020
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