Enchanted Inheritance (Purple Plague Mysteries Book 1)

by Levi Doone
Sisters born cursed, separated and abandoned. Until a mysterious force draws them back to one another. Now as strangers they search for their past and try to understand what the future holds for them all while an evil force works to use their abilities for its own purposes. Meet five very different young women: Esma is head strong and just out of a juvenile detention facility for killing her foster father. She's working hard to live an independent and honest life. Her mind has been bothering her to follow her intuition and journey to four places unknown and realize her destiny. Her passion is to make it on a Roller derby team and find out what to do with her life. Queenie loves history and cemeteries. She has the ability to touch an object and know its history. This helped her to realize her passion as she works for a small newspaper writing about the forgotten lives of the dead within the historical cemeteries she maintains. Tillie has been a loner her whole life. With the ability to exit her body in an invisible ghostly form she discovered a place where she hopes to fit in; the Goth community. She then gets a job with a club called The Darkness and also models wearing gothic attire as she's photographed in various death posses. Jaele was adopted by a wealthy couple and lives a pampered life. She possesses no supernatural abilities. Only the desire to marry a wealthy man and advance her lifestyle to the next level. Her greed is only equaled by her loneliness. Nuri hears voices. Its the cause of her being sent to a mental institution. When she lies and tells doctors the voices go away, she's adopted by the Vanders. A rich couple who imprison her to use as bait so they can capture the rest of her sisters to use for their evil purposes. This journey of discovery will bring five very different young women through trials of heartbreak, bondage and wonder as they hope to change a curse into a blessing.
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