Evolution of a Nobody

by Robert Butler
Albaer has nothing good in his life, and a whole lot of bad. An outcast in his home town, regarded as 'the seed of evil' because of his father's selfishness and greed, nobody seems to care what is done to him. Indifferent teachers, bullies who think of him only as an easy target for his passive unwillingness to fight back in his desperate attempt to prove his fundamental goodness, the one thing that lets him endure is a video game. The only thing, that is, until an angel and a demon appear in his room, confused, lost, and afraid... their attempt to summon his video game character into their world has backfired. Now they are trapped in a world where they are mere mythology. Out of pity for their distress, and knowing what his world would do to them, he allows Lialah and Raziel to remain with him, and none of their lives will ever be the same... For better, or for worse.
Deal Available through May 27, 2022
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