Action and Adventure

Fields Of Blood: The Horse Lord Book 1

by Arthur Drake
All Eadmaer ever knew was a life of slavery, little did he know he had the makings of lordship in him.Eadmaer has never known anything other than service to the trolls. He fetches them food, tends to the beautiful four-legged creatures they call "chattel" and tries to keep his people from caving in under their rule. He sees no other way for survival other than to keep the piece with his temperamental and often cruel masters.There is little the trolls fear...except strange creatures from the north. One day while tending to a wounded troll Eadmaer sees one of these creatures, except far from being a beast out of a nightmare it looks strangely familiar. Eadmaer's curiosity is peaked and he will not rest until he discovers the mystery of the creatures from the north and with that, perhaps the secret to defeating the trolls and freeing his people.But the trolls will not relinquish the secrets of the north so easily as soon after the encounter they're moving Eadmdaer far away from his village and his people, and the potential mystery that could save them. Will Eadmaer be able to find out what secrets lie in the north? How to win his people's freedom? And maybe even how to defeat the trolls in combat? Or will he end up lost while his people are crushed without him?Fields Of Blood is the first book in The Horse Lord series by Arthur Drake. A sword and sorcery dark fantasy series. Fans of grim fantasy with plenty of action and adventure will find much to enjoy in this tale of heroism. Go with Eadmaer as he fights against seemingly impossible odds and discovers the secrets of his land...and of himself.Pick up your copy of this tale filled with heroic action, horrifying monsters, and cure your boredom today.
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