Disciple of Vengeance: Book 1 of the Shattered World Dark Fantasy Book Series: A Violent, Dark Sword and Sorcery Science Fantasy

by CC Rasmussen
"Give me life within you, and I will give you vengeance."Betrayed and left for dead, his family murdered, rage is the only force keeping Janis alive. But it alone won't give him the strength to avenge their deaths. When an alien presence offers him the strength to hunt down the murderers in return for becoming its host, he feels he has no choice but to accept.The creature fulfills its promise, granting him horrific powers that can decimate his foes. But at what cost? Every time he gives in to its hunger and feeds it the souls of his enemies, he loses a bit of himself to it as well.For now, it’s a price he must pay. How long before the cost is too high? Will he even know when it becomes his master and not the other way around?Janis goes from prince assassin to fugitive sorcerer as he hunts the people who killed his family. He'll battle mercenaries, cultists, gods, and wizards in a magic devastated world, unraveling a conspiracy that goes far beyond his family’s dark fate, one that threatens everyone in the Shattered World of Urias…A Dark Fantasy Book Inspired By Elric of Melnibone and Dark SoulsUrias. One planet in a “branch” universe shattered by years of conflict. Here, magic offers control over the laws of nature through making deals with beings from the multiverse, or the gods and demons that live in the “Shimmer,” the endless chaos between universes.It is a world fractured by greed, rife with treachery, and destroyed by ambition.A place where life is cheaper than a grain of sand and love is folklore...
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