Gnome Stories Series Box Set

by Ashley Parker Owens
Welcome to an impossible fantastical realm where nothing is as it appears, and the ogres in power will do whatever it takes to keep the gnomes slaving in the garden. All five Gnome Stories books are now available in one box set. Follow the hapless gnomes as they struggle through life, desperate to find a way out from under the ogres’ oppression. There is no peace, only the devastating residue of ogres who have been in power for far too long. Books in the Gnome Stories set include: 1. Gnome Harvest 2. Rosetta Gnome 3. Trilogy of Shorts 4. The Hollow Rigors of Gnome 5. The Doll’s Eyes of Gnome Filled with a vivid imagination, the Gnome Stories are sure to inspire and amaze readers as they follow the protagonists in their quest for freedom. These interwoven symbol-laden stories contain many literary Easter eggs for dedicated readers.
Deal Available through February 03, 2022
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