Hearts and Souls: Coming Into Focus

by Mrs Pam J Bondy
'Hearts and Souls: Coming Into Focus', is about persons of various ages, who are mysteriously matched up with imaginary mates; apparitions who appear to them on and off; quite often following them throughout the day. They cannot touch or converse during these times, yet somehow immediately have a strong attraction for each other. They desperately search for ways to communicate, but can only feel each others' auras and as fate would have it, fall madly in love. Several people throughout the world are equally afflicted. Mysteries unfold, as the reader progresses with the characters' lives throughout the novel. Is six-year-old Benny really a government spy? What’s going on with Rose? Why is Linda losing her mind? Is Littlebit actually seeing a ghost? Who is Ol’ Mister Bergeron? Are Donnas’ parents really dead? Why is that reporter skulking around the park? Who’s hiding in the bushes and why are they looking so suspicious? THERE ARE FOUR ALTERNATE ENDINGS. Which one do you wish was true?
Deal Available through March 05, 2022
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