Ibrahim: And The Magicians' Rebellion

by Kevin Kalu
What would you do, if you suddenly found yourself in a world where the roles of the ruled and their rulers have been swapped? Ibrahim is a magician (humans who wield magic w/ artifacts) and a gifted one at that. He wasn't like the other magicians, he was forgiving and benevolent. At the request of his human companion and best friend, Wino, and with a flick of his wand, Ibrahim would feed thousands, part oceans to clear a path, and bless those around him with abundance. At the end of the trips they embarked upon, Ibrahim would hibernate in order to restore his strength. Upon waking however, Ibrahim finds the world's dynamics have shifted and he is now a second class citizen unworthy of such flamboyant gestures. As a magician, his way of life has been deemed a threat to society and could land him in prison. His best friend Wino has found peace with the newfound stability and welcomes Ibrahim back into the fold, opening his door and inviting Ibrahim into his home. Despite the indisputable prosperity delivered by the shift in power, Ibrahim still longs for his way of life and considers working with those despicably oppressed magicians in order to reclaim his rightful independence. But is he willing to challenge the way of life that Wino and so many others have benefitted from?
Deal Available through June 23, 2020
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