Kings and Daemons (An Epic Fantasy Adventure) The Gifted and the Cursed, Book 1

by Marcus Lee
What the gods give with one hand, they take away with the other, for if you are gifted, you shall also be cursed.'If you enjoy dark fantasy with a twist of light romance, believable magic, and heroes that are at times more demonic than the evil they face, then this tale is for you.-----Over fifty years have passed since Daleth the seemingly immortal Witch-King, and his army conquered the Ember Kingdom.Now, with the once fertile lands and its enslaved people dying around him, the Witch-King, driven by his insatiable thirst for eternal youth, prepares his forces to march on the prosperous neighbouring Freestates. It will be the beginnings of a conquest that could destroy nations, bringing death and destruction on an unimaginable scale.Then, when a peasant huntress whose rare gift was concealed from birth is exposed, it sets in motion a chain of events that could alter the destiny of generations to come.-----If you enjoyed reading books by authors such as:David Gemmell Suzanne Collins Veronica Roth James Dashner Stephanie MeyerThis trilogy could well be your next favourite read.-----Some quotes about Kings and Daemons from readers/reviewers:'Deliciously dark fantasy, and a spectacular debut!'‘Marcus Lee can afford to paint his world in such brutally dark hues because he knows the splashes of colour he’s going to introduce in the form of his characters.'“Plot-wise, Kings and Daemons is the type of book you constantly crave the next chapter for. Honestly, the amount of times I said “one more chapter” and then ended up reading until dawn!''‘From the moment you first begin reading Kings and Daemons, you feel the immersive experience of entering into a high fantasy world illuminated by a storyteller who understands how to emotionally grab your attention from page one!''A brilliant, unforgettable high fantasy with incredible world-building. A Fast-paced book that was thrilling to read. Impeccable storyline and stunning magic system that will impress hardcore fantasy readers everywhere.'-----The bleakness of the realm within which the story is set is saved only by the breathtaking colour of Maya's gift.-----The Gifted and the Cursed trilogy is suitable for lovers of Dark Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Low Fantasy, New Adult Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy Romance and Coming of Age.
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