Last of Four: A Captivating YA Urban Fantasy Novel of a Parallel Universe and Elemental Magic (War Eternal Book 1)

by Lucas Alpay
Masters of Golden Flames, monsters of pale, and beings of soot, ashes and death... This secret world wants Nolan, and they want him now. But the question is... why? Nolan is a high school Junior and a bit of a loner; a good-natured 16-year-old who takes side-hustles after school and is doing everything needed to maintain a comfortable life for him and his mother. That's all he wants, no more and no less. But something creeps after Nolan on the darkest nights, in the hush of the vacant streets, under clouds and moonlight. Mysterious events shift his world, attempting to drag him into the secret world of the Refined, a mystical and shadowy underworld group that can see guardian angels and ancient demons, and can control magical elements made by heaven and hell. Will Nolan's down-to-Earth life plans change when he discovers that he has the supernatural power to summon the Golden Flame and save lives? Last of Four is the opening salvo in the captivating War Eternal YA Fantasy series. In a parallel universe where Sasquatch and unicorns abound and elephants are only myths, an all-out war is breaking out before time itself, in a spiritual alternate world of elemental magic and the dark powers of demons and archangels. The struggle of the chosen one is in the middle of it all. Will Nolan choose destiny, or free will? Page Up and Order Now.
Deal Available through December 02, 2020
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