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Lost In Tarotland

by Killian Wolf
A con artist lost in the system. A captain with a deadly curse. Only one will survive the journey to change their fate. Soren Vyris does whatever it takes to survive. Even if that means becoming a master thief to protect her sister. But when her final con implodes, a magical tarot card opens a portal and sucks her into a strange world. Trapped in a land with talking creatures and deadly seas swarming with pirates, the young woman is horrified when she wakes up on the ship of the Devil himself and is branded a spy. But her dangerous captor piques her curiosity. There’s a darkness in him that sends shivers down her spine, especially when he tasks her with stealing a powerful artifact. And though it's her ticket to returning home, its powerful guardian could send her to her grave.
Deal Available through March 13, 2023
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