Mark of the Medallion

by Mike Shelton
He lost his family......He’s got voices in his head.And he’s more powerful than they ever imagined.Fifteen-year-old apprentice Kyril is sick of being bullied. And after a tragic fire leaves him orphaned with out-of-control thoughts and powers, he can’t wait to escape constant taunting at the wizard academy. So when a dicey faction entices him with companionship, he ignores the grim warning signs.Even as Kyril’s power grows within the group, he’s left out of the crew’s dangerous plans to derail the authorities. And when being accepted comes at the expense of making questionable choices, he fears his newfound friendships aren’t worth the deadly price.Can Kyril master his new magic before his shady companions send him to his doom?Mark of the Medallion is the spellbinding first nov
Deal Available through April 18, 2020
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