Science Fiction

Mind Connectivity - Return of the Mind

by Connector X
"The only knowledge that can make us see the reality and all the existing kinds of knowledge in a new transparent light, is the knowledge of the human mind structure and the way how it connects us to reality." In the “Age of Connectivity” there should be no losers, but only winners. For this to happen, we need to make the "Age of Connectivity" to be mostly about upgrading our individual mind structure and improving its connectivity level, and less about artificial connectivity and artificial intelligence development. Although the last two bring economic advantages, their over-development will inevitably create a lot of losers, and more than that, there is a high risk that we would all become losers by losing completely the control of our lives, in favour of artificial intelligence. MIND CONNECTIVITY it is a new concept that presents a new vision over the human mind structure, intended to restore the balance between the human mind's development and artificial technology development in favor of human mind's development. It is not too late to return our full attention towards our individual mind structure, and to acknowledge that, upgrading this “magnificent software” that we naturally possess, it is the only viable way that can upgrade humankind's destiny. Find more info here
Deal Available through July 24, 2021
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