Murk's Rapture: A Fantasy LitRPG Adventure

by Adam Sampson
Everything was fine until Alistair got fired. Now it seems like it is a race to see what will do him in, dark magic bokken or the Western Arkadia Bank.Alistair is schema blessed, a Light Mage. No longer an adventurer, these days he uses his magic to cut steel instead of monsters. It’s a quiet life that gets him home every night to see his wife and son. Then a corporate efficiency measure gets him fired.Now Alistair is desperately looking for a new job in an uncaring world. If that wasn’t enough, he finds himself fending off monster attacks in between job interviews. Frustrated, he starts to consider dangerous jobs that would anger the Morbius Order and Arcadia’s nobility. But he has to do something so he can pay the bank and keep his house. The powerful people in Arcadia have been known to solve their problems with murder, can he pay off his loans without ending up on their hitlist?A fantasy LitRPG with a mix of action and slice-of-life. No harem -- after all, he is a happily married man.
Deal Available through January 31, 2021
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