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Old Enough, Yet Unmarried

by Dr. O
In a world where true love is hard to find and women are often pressured to get married before their biological clock stops, Tessy, a medical doctor who clocks 35 in a few months, finds herself on the verge of experiencing what could be described as the 21st century woman’s worst nightmare - being single and lonely at 35.In a bid to avert this potentially difficult situation, she embarks on a mission to find true love before her 35th birthday. She isn’t alone on this journey as four of her friends are also in the same boat; Charly the single mum, Oby the goody-two-shoes, Yemi the naïve one dating a serial cheat, and Jumai the lucky one who has successfully bagged the “Mrs” Title but is not entirely happy in her marriage.Follow the five of them as they mirror the typical ups-and-downs faced by many women on this unpredictable, rollercoaster journey to finding true love and happiness.As with every story written by Dr. O, there are lots of carefully hand-picked health lessons to look forward to.
Deal Available through November 05, 2022
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