Outside Ascension: Magical Realism Fantasy (Book One of the Levels of Ascension)

by Amy Proebstel
Survival means defying fate. For the first time in her eighteen years, Amanda's lost, confused, and afraid. She's an old soul and she's no longer in her homeworld. In Tuala, she has witnessed magic, escaped captivity from a sadist, and is running for her life. Newly engaged, she should be enjoying her life with her fiancé, but that's not going to happen. Especially now. She's been reported to the authorities, hunted by her previous captor, and her life is suddenly in jeopardy. She only has two options left: turn herself in or run. ✔ Option one will keep her captive on a foreign world. ✔ Option two will take her from finding her missing fiancé but is the only chance she has to survive. Could things get any worse? Of course! Welcome to Amanda's life.
Deal Available through March 31, 2021
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