Science Fiction

Philosophy | Ethics Short Story Magazine (July, 2020)

by Peri Dwyer Worrell
- On Good Authority: A doctor with a new vaccine for the "zombie virus" takes it to the next town and discovers two startling revelations. - All My Tomorrows: A down on his luck man in his twilight comes into a "memory storage facility" to trade his remaining days for the chance to re-experience his "last good day." - Mayonnaise: The inventor of million dollar "zero fat, zero calorie" food additive discovers her invention is killing her son. - The One That Damned Me: A high school counselor's life is ruined when he is wrongly accused by a cocaine snorting student. - Patchouli Lost: Patchouli calls a friend for help getting out of an abusive relationship. - This I Do For You: A spoiled child is raised in the lap of luxury until he is finally called on to serve others.
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