Premonition (The Fortress Book 1)

by Lisa M. James
Isaac knew little of the leaders who reigned in the epicenter of his home, the Fortress. That is until the day he was taken captive. Given a sentence of slavery to the Chieftess of the Fortress, Isaac’s only mission was to learn how to survive. But the task proves difficult since he carries the abilities his father always told him would lead to his death. From an early age Isaac was plagued by visions of the future. Yet, nothing showed him what his fate would be under his mistress, Kiatra. Should he reveal his abilities to her? Would she still want him in her service or would she sentence him to a worse fate?As Chieftess of the Fortress, Kiatra struggles asserting her authority while her father still lives as Chief. With her half-sister undermining her moves and building mistrust amongst her people, how was she to secure her reign? Her growing affection for her slave was another reason for concern. Why was the man so compelling to her? Yet, why did it always feel as if he was hiding something? Was he truly a man she could trust, or would he betray her the second she offered him a chance at freedom?
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