Reign in Hope

by Lee Anne Monty
“God~where are you? I’m lost and drowning in sadness...I thought you loved me!”Have you ever felt lost or like you don’t belong. Are you standing on the precipice of collapse? Are you crushed by secrets and shame or carrying the heavy baggage of guilt?If yes, then this is a book you will not be able to put down.Reign in Hope reveals shocking and provocative life situations. Lee Ann, a powerful life narrator, goes beyond the comfort zone to share an inspiring, honest, and ultimately hopeful story of a woman who like Eve believed the lies, fell into temptation and tasted the forbidden fruit. And just like Eve, she found herself in the pit of heartbreak and despair. In this story of tragedy and triumph, Lee Ann will take you on an unforgettable, candid journey through love and loss. A d
Deal Available through September 04, 2020
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