Rune of Secrets (Enchanted Shadows 1)

by Kelly N. Jane
Magic lurks in the shadows, and secrets hide in plain sight. Forced into slavery by the man who murdered her family, fae princess Rowena plans her vengeance before she's trapped into a forced marriage. The dangerous alliance would give her captor more power than ever and access to magic only Rowena should wield. Urged to escape by a mysterious stranger who haunts her mind, the princess makes it to the surrounding forest. Though freedom is short-lived. Recaptured in time for her wedding, the Shadowy One helps her flee a second time. Did she trade one demon for another? If you like action-packed epic fantasy like Throne of Glass or twisted fairytales like Maleficent, then you'll love this legendary fantasy adventure. Discover what hides in the Enchanted Shadows! On preorder now!
Deal Available through August 04, 2021
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