Action and Adventure

Seeking the Light of Justice

by Dr. Barry Nadel
Dismantling an old book binding, Prof. Yoshua Rosenberg discovers the cover page of the Hoshiyan Chronicles during his quest for The Light of Justice. Yoshua posts the find on the internet. Vatican security notify the Pope. The Pope finds an ancient directive to destroy all copies of the Chronicles. Thus begins the Vatican’s secret war against Yoshua’s team. Yoshua follows his clues to the town in Spain. He discovers the building from the cover page. Yoshua buys the structure. He learns from blueprints there is another sealed room. They breach the walls and discover the horrors of the Inquisition. Among the artifacts they find books. Papal backing causes the Spanish to imprison the Israelis and confiscates all their finds. Join the saga with the first book of the Hoshiyan Chronicles.
Deal Available through February 10, 2021
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