Shadows Under the Shade - Elysia Dayne: Book Two

by Wil Chan
Elysia Dayne returns in Shadows Under the Shade, a continuation of the multiple award-winning literary epic fantasy, Under an Azure Sky.If you love somebody enough, you will do anything to claw your way back to them…After a traumatic duel to the death against a malevolent sword master, Elysia is left desperately clinging to life. Isabella, the princess that she was tasked to rescue, nurses her back to health in the wilderness, many miles from the safety of civilisation. With their supplies depleted, they finally reach Middlestone, resting for only a moment before beginning the final leg of their journey to the Royal Palace in Astoria.Elysia and Isabella’s bond deepens as the expedition continues, fraught with undiscovered peril. Embroiled in danger, can Elysia save the love of her life from the shadows under the shade?Back in time, adolescent Elysia has to adjust to life in the Grey-Lands. Struggling with sword skills at the military academy, she happens upon a Niemirian prisoner, who instructs her in the art of the butterfly blades. Soon, she becomes a force to be reckoned with… but will it be enough to combat prejudice and inequality, all the while learning the price of friendship, and making sense of her sexual awakening?
Deal Available through October 03, 2023
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