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Skull Creek Stakeout

by Eddie Jones
Nick Caden finds a body with fangs, bite marks on the neck and a stake driven through the heart. Is there a vampire killer on the loose In Transylvania NC?Last summer, Nick Caden became an Internet celebrity for almost a whole day when he discovered Billy the Kid's killer in the "living" ghost town of Deadwood. (Not the real Billy the Kid -- he's been dead for years.) When the owner of the Cool Ghoul Gazette learns of Nick's super sleuthing skills, he hires Nick to investigate the death of a vampire. In Transylvania, North Carolina, Nick finds a corpse with fangs, bite marks and a stake driven through its heart.But once he begins to peel back the clues surrounding the murder, Nick finds his new job is not only dangerous but could suck the life out of him.
Deal Available through October 09, 2020
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