Skyseeker's Princess

by Miriam Verbeek
Cold, stark, beautiful Si'Empra island is dying … Ellen's desperate and on the run but duty calls. Ellen's trained to be the next ruler but her brother's taken the throne. He’s fiercely determined to possess her body and soul … and she's horrified. She runs away, aiming to lead a peaceful life far from the clutches of power. But the people or Si'Empra are struggling to survive, their unique societies pitched against one another. Cryptals are key to the land's survival and subtly nudge Ellen towards healing Si'Empra's wounds. Duty runs deep in Ellen’s veins. The question is whether reluctance or duty will triumph. In this first book of the Si'Empra series, Ellen tinkers at the margins with challenge, gaining unexpected allies and dangerous enemies. This is the irst book in Si'Empra series.
Deal Available through September 05, 2020
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