Summoner: Tales From The LegendNomad

by Dalton Carmon
Summoners, individuals who are upstanding guardians of the peasants, can call forth Elemental Spirits from nature. They live and thrive with their traditions, but for every day there is a night. The Kakusa are deadly warriors of the dark. Family and devotion are their creeds. As one great war reaches a climax, another begins when a group of ruthless killers emerges from the shadows, working for an unknown goal. Delving into these mysterious groups is Eclipse, a Summoner with one passion; to prove he is worthy. But having always stood in the shadow of his prodigy brother, Sol, Eclipse will have to Sacrifice more than he can possibly imagine if he is to find peace. Meanwhile, Sol’s desire is simple; to bring peace to his people and to have his brother by his side once more. Summoner tells the story of these brothers, this land, and the war that threatens to tear them apart.
Deal Available through December 01, 2020
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