Action and Adventure


by Juddy Anderson C. Punzalan
Serestia, a magical world fashioned by the gods, has been under the control of the Archons for thousands of years, and the kingdoms that divide the land co-exist with these enlightened beings who dwell within their impenetrable walls.Amid the chaos and endless war, a long-awaited prophecy tips the balance and threatens not just the Archons but everyone else. The reincarnations of the legendary Renegade and the Elementalist find themselves pursued by the magical kingdom of Rasfera, the holy kingdom of Ydduj Celeri, and the ancient kingdom of Verheiden.With the help of some friends they meet along the way, the brothers embark on a journey of discovery and purpose in a world shared by Humans, Archons, Ancients, and gods.
Deal Available through December 08, 2020
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