The Dark Souls Academy: A Why Choose Demon Romance (A Demon Story Series Book 1)

by Tosha Y. Miller
Mess With The Demon, Suffer Hell's Burn.I've been on the run my whole life. Hiding didn't feel real until my fathers disappeared, and my mother sent my brother and me to Earth. By ourselves. At age eight.Regardless to say, I was a little messed up. My fear of Lucifer enslaving me was crippling. Talking to strangers, yeah right. Showing emotions, not if I can help it. Protective instincts for the weak, on fucking steroids. Relationships, not going to happen.Did the Light Souls council care? Nope. My demon side made me a Dark Soul. Someone not worthy of rights. Even worse, if they knew what kind of demon I was, they'd kill me. So, I shut my mouth and followed the enforcers into a place of nightmares. Hell.I was now a prisoner... a student at Dark Souls Academy for half-demons. My main goal was to survive, but my secret made it difficult. Power was everything in the demon world and demons would do anything to climb up the ladder of power.Thankfully, I had a few people on my side. Two lower leveled demons I have to take care of and two outcast men that feel right in every way. Even three off-limit brothers, but I didn't count them. They had a mate, and I wouldn't go there.But can I really trust these people, though? Or would they be more power-hungry demons waiting for the perfect opportunity to betray me? If I survived, anyway.
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