The Empty Crown

by Georgina Makalani
Ana is running for her life. And she has dragged Captain Drayton along, or did he drag her? Either way, they are fleeing across the kingdom from visions, a nasty mage and an apathetic lord. The young Ed Forest is also running. He isn’t sure if he is running from what he knows he can’t be, or towards help to be the man his parents had hoped he would become. There is something that has drawn them together where they find hope in an old man in the mountains. He ran away long ago, and he may not be the willing help that they need him to be. This unlikely group aim to restore the crown to the boy king, even if he doesn’t want it. Can they survive magic, evil relatives and one enormous dragon? Or is one amongst them a greater danger to their quest?
Deal Available through February 12, 2021
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