The Fallen Heir (William of Alamore Series Book 3)

by C. J. R. Isely
The price of a crown is high, It may even cost his life... Though peace has settled over Alamore, dangers are far from gone. The arrival of a messenger brings with it the promise of war as Shadow Dale calls for help. Will and his friends finds themselves riding for battle. But Will is certain that things are not all that they appear. The reappearance of an old friend brings a chilling secret; an assassin is hunting the heir of Alamore... and worst of all, Will and his friends may be the only one who can stop the crown from falling. But to save the crown means they must race this unknown killer as they travel through new lands, facing new dangers, and not knowing if, or when, they might make it back to Alamore. After all, to make it back to Alamore, they must first survive... This gripping third installment in the William of Alamore series plunges the reader through pages of new adventures, familiar friends, and brings with it answers to secrets kept so long in the dark. If you enjoyed Ranger of Kings and The Cutthroat Prince, make sure you don't miss this action-packed adventure to new lands with William, Rowan, and Colin. Read it now!
Deal Available through March 26, 2022
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