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The Fenway Stevenson Mysteries, Collection One

by Paul Austin Ardoin
Enjoy this hardboiled coroner series by bestselling mystery author Paul Austin Ardoin! "If you love page-turning, unputdownable mysteries, then Ardoin is the real deal." —Mark Stay, host of The Bestseller Experiment podcast Blood is thicker than oil—until murder is involved! This boxset includes the first three books of The Fenway Stevenson Mysteries: - The Reluctant Coroner - The Incumbent Coroner - The Candidate Coroner Mixing murder, small-town politics, and hidden conspiracies, The Fenway Stevenson Mysteries follow the acting coroner as she tries to get to the bottom of the high-profile murders in her town—while juggling the politics of the coroner's office, the whims of her rich, powerful father, and a budding romance with the county sheriff.
Deal Available through August 18, 2021
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