The Last of the Magi: Book I: The Devouring

by G. S. Eli and Patrick Wiley
In the mysterious world of Gypsies there are ancient secrets passed down for centuries by fortune-telling mystics. Mila doesn’t know it yet, but it is his destiny to uncover the darkest secret of them all.Mila’s adventure begins when he crosses paths with two American teenagers on their senior trip to Berlin. He becomes enamored with kind-hearted Casey whose piercing blue eyes hide an inner pain. Much to his dismay her studious friend Jack seems to be the object of her affection, and Mila doubts she could ever care for a gypsy like him.Together they stumble upon a secret chamber buried deep beneath the city of Berlin. There they discover a lost artifact once wielded by the Nazi empire, which carries ancient and evil powers. When these powers are awakened a sinister cult takes notice and dispatches a shadow army to hunt for it. Fleeing certain death, the teens seek to learn the secrets of the strange artifact, before it plunges the world into complete darkness.The Last of the Magi weaves action and fantasy together with true history and Gypsy spiritualism, leaving the reader to wonder what’s real and what’s not.
Deal Available through January 01, 2021
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