The Silence In The Song: Book One In The Illusion Series

by Robb Wallace
Death is not the end. The immortal King and his legion of otherworldly beings have made sure of that. The immortal King's empire expands southward, consuming everything in its path. A young nomad, born of prophecy, comes of age, plagued by visions of the King's brutal conquests and the strange etheric beings that consume the souls of the dead left in the King's wake. This is the story of an uncommon boy who dares to believe that he can be the difference, that he can challenge the immortal King for the freedom of every soul on the planet. The story is set in a human-like world and has a heroic/epic fantasy feel. A mix of barbarian tales, world-building, magic, spiritual dimensions, philosophical curiosity, ancient myths, psychedelic visions, conspiracies, martial arts and questions about the nature of life, death and reality. This is an epic fantasy novel with science fiction elements. A firm cross-over between the two disciplines. Join Arran, the silence in the song, and find out if he has what it takes to kill the King and save his people.
Deal Available through September 27, 2022
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