The Soul's Curse (Astrarose Book 1)

by Cole Adams
Final Fantasy meets Mistborn in this debut fantasy novel about a world at the brink of war, and young warriors struggle to help.In the land long forgotten, many secret plots of cultists, Kings, and Gods now cast long shadows across the four great kingdoms. Broken treaties and assassinations will only be the beginning as dark magic creeps beyond sight. Enraged beasts are being manipulated, while others cast curses and steal the very essence of life.As these schemes begin to come to fruition, Aeric - a young warrior- becomes entangled in the web of misfortune and adventure. Now he must train in the way of the elites of old to challenge the evil within. Joined by new friends, Aeric will travel the lands of Astrarose, battling many of the foul creatures and enemies that plague the world around him. He will soon find out that unraveling the king's plans has dire consequences.
Deal Available through October 22, 2020
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