The Tales of Zren Janin boxed set

by M.L. Dunker
Three strangers race across two countries with only one goal: to survive. There is a reward for their capture, and if any of the three are discovered for who they truly are, death will follow. But in a war of words and weapons, who will win? For when blood is shed, it is always the young and the poor who pay the greatest price. The Tales of Zren Janin are stories of adventure, political intrigue, soldiers, spies, and bravery where no one is safe, promises are casually broken, and justice demands a price. For readers who like great worldbuilding in a South Pacific setting, heart-pounding escapes, stories about spies, saboteurs, and survivors when the odds are never in their favor. "The author's world-building shines." Kirkus review “…engaging adventure-series” – Kirkus review
Deal Available through August 26, 2023
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