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The Unexpected Encounter: Book 1 (Abyss Lord's Quest)

by Tyler D. Connors
The Demon King has set his plan in motion, sending his loyal son, the Abyss Lord, on a perilous journey to carve their names in history. With devious companions; the sultry succubus, Symereya, and the quick-witted vampire, Lazarus, he heads on his journey to recover a rare dragon egg in the hopes of completing his father’s ritual. However, along the way, they are faced with many obstacles wishing to swart the Demon King’s plans and change their land’s fate... The second path entails a warrior’s destiny. Legwood, an Elven historian, desires to be so much more. Upon meeting Herenya, his new future begins to form. He learns the ways of the sword and discovers a fatal talent within him. Learning of his power, the Elven King calls a kill order for Legwood, forcing him and Herenya to flee. Their journey lands them in the middle of a dark plot, one that could end everything as they know it. Hunted and afraid, will they survive what fate has in store?
Deal Available through January 17, 2022
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