The Vanguards of Scion: Part 1: The Servant's Blade

by Michael E. Thom
A savant creates a sanctuary for the extraordinary, a living breathing encyclopedia dimension, but Scion is dying.The King of Scion must act to preserve the populace and the magic he has collected from other worlds.He chooses a world that harbors the East Realm, the King of Scion recruits those who must help prepare the way for him to make their world the new Scion and preserve all that he has built for the advancement of all who would serve him. The Vanguards of Scion is a violent tale of five eccentric characters from different parts of The East Realm, an ex-knight, a rogue assassin, a witch, an alchemist & a huntress. All 5 begin on separate paths across the world but their fates collide as some are visited by a being from another world & each given unthinkable powers as in exchange for servitude as vanguards to the King of Scion.
Deal Available through April 30, 2020
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