The War of Brothers Part 1: Blood and Steel

by Andrew Willard
Kahlungar, King of Thalgrea, is dead, butchered in his own home by The Dark King, Rufitius. His kingdom has fallen, his throne stolen, and his supporters put to the sword. But all is not lost. For the past fifteen years, Abjorn, the true heir to the throne, has been content with living out his days as a humble farmer. But after a failed heist brands him an outlaw for life, he finds himself in a battle to survive in the harshest of conditions as a new war looms. The Dark King is dying, and everyone with a claim to the throne is preparing for a bloody struggle over power, including another of Kahlungar's heirs. Wilhelm, raised as The Dark King's own son, must decide to whom he owes his loyalty or if he wants to take the throne for himself. But as the cities of man prepare for war, an ancient evil awakens from a centuries-long slumber...
Deal Available through March 09, 2021
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